Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Civil Unions on Oahu

Be sure to visit The Hawaii Department of Health's page for information about obtaining a civil union license prior to your ceremony date.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Permits for Beach Weddings

As of August 1, 2008, Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources requires a right of entry permit for all commercial weddings in which a person is receiving some form of compensation for services rendered on state beaches. The permit application must be submitted at least seven calendar days before the scheduled event along with an application fee of $20.00. More information can be found at:

When contacting me for wedding services, please let me know A) if you have submitted a permit application or B) the date, time, location of the wedding and the number of guests. I can submit all needed paperwork prior to the event. Don't worry if you don't have a permit and there are less than seven days until your intended wedding date. A request for a permit can be filed in good faith and in most cases the date will not need to be changed.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Marriage on Oahu

Getting Marriage License Information by Telephone

Information on marriage licenses may be obtained by calling (808) 586-4545 any day or any time. To get a license, just go to Room 101 (1st floor) of the Health Department Building, 1250 Punchbowl St. (corner of Beretania and Punchbowl Streets) on Monday through Friday (excluding holidays and furlough days), 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Who is Eligible to Apply for a Marriage License?

* You don't have to live in this state or be an American citizen.
* Blood tests are not required.
* The legal age to marry is 18 years for both males and females.
* Males or females 16 or 17 years of age require the written consent of both parents, legal guardian, or the family court. The parents or legal guardian do not have to be residents of the state. Consent forms may be obtained at the Department of Health.
* Males or females 15 years of age who wish to marry require the written consent of both parents or legal guardian, and the written approval of a judge of the family court. The parents or legal guardian do not have to be residents of the state.
* Proof of age is required. A certified copy of a birth certificate must be presented for anyone 18 years of age or under. A valid I.D. or driver’s license may be presented for anyone 19 years of age or over.
* If previously married, proof of original divorce decree or death certificate of spouse needs to be presented to the marriage agent by the applicant if the divorce or death was final within 30 days of applying for a marriage license.
* Cousins may marry, but the blood relationship between the bride and groom cannot be closer than first cousins.

How to Apply for a Marriage License

* The bride and groom must appear together in person at the Department of Health to apply for a marriage license. Proxies are not allowed.
* The bride and groom should be prepared to provide the necessary proof of age and present any required written consents and approvals. All of the necessary documents should be obtained prior to applying for a marriage license.
* The bride and groom must prepare an official application and file the application in person at the Department of Health. Applications are provided at the Department of Health or may be downloaded from The application will not be accepted if sent by postal mail or e-mail.
* If approved, a marriage license is issued at the time the application is made and a marriage may be performed immediately afterward.
* The marriage license costs $60.00, payable in cash at the time the application is made.
* The marriage license is good only in the state of Hawaii.
* The marriage license expires 30 days from and including the date of issuance, after which it automatically becomes null and void.
* If you do not get married within the 30 days, return the unused license in the pre-addressed envelope provided to you for invalidation.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Please contact me to plan your wedding ceremony

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